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About Us

Professional Labs is the company behind Cyber Soc Capital. We secure the largest enterprise, service provider and government organization around the world. In this new era of threat, a fundamentally different approach to cyber defense is needed. With attacks coming from all directions, we need a digital immune system to learn how our business operates.

Founded in 1997 and headquarter in Dubai, we specialize in simplifying complex problems for our customers with Cloud Services, Managed Services and Cyber Security.

Delivering a Better Tomorrow

Professional Labs is aiming to provide safe and secure transformation. The digital future of industry is no longer some far-flung promise. Today's products are becoming smarter, more personalized. New insights, new opportunities, new levels of automation at every point of the value chain. These aren't the promises of tomorrow, they're the opportunities of today.

Leadership committed to transformation

At Professional Labs, together, and as individuals, our passion and unique perspectives propel every idea, concept and solution we create. By embracing our differences and investing time in our diversity, our leaders foster a culture of innovation and inclusion that enables us to create technology that ensures widespread accessibility and impactful improvements to daily life.