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Comprehensive Cybersecurity

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CyberSoC Capital is a complete, ready-to-deploy cybersecurity platform built specifically for small to mid-sized companies. Managed security backed by an India/UAE based, around-the-clock Security Operations Center (SOC).

CyberSoC Capital cybersecurity for MSPs includes: Managed Detection and Response (MDR), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Managed Cloud Monitoring, Vulnerability Scanning, Compliance Services and much, much more.

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Our Success


Founded in 1997, CyberSoC Capital has produced outstanding results with delivering Cloud Solutions to over 200+ customers and CyberSoc to 50+ organizations.

CyberSoC Capital has also grown in Employee strength since last few years, we started in 2017 with 4 Engineers and now grown to 20+ Cyber Security Certified engineers.

success All Users 20K
success Success Project 1000
success Lorum Ispum 10K
success Lorum Ipm 105

Our CyberSoc


Email Security

Phishing Detection

24/7/365 SOC Support

Sanitizes Embedded Links

AI powered Analytics

Threat Trackers/Investigations

Attack Simulations

Azure Security Center

Virtual machine behavioral analytics

24/7/365 SOC Support

Vulnerability / Network Security Assessments

Integrity Monitoring

Network Monitoring/Hardening

Regulatory compliance dashboards

Identity & Endpoint Protection

Advanced Threat Analytics / Zero Day mitigations

24/7/365 SOC Support

Verifying Security Baselines

Attack Surface Reduct (ASR), End point Detect (EDR)

Application/System Guard monitoring

Investigating User/Machine compromise

Microsoft Cloud App Security

Discover and control the use of Shadow IT

24/7/365 SOC Support

Protect your sensitive information anywhere in the cloud

Protect against cyberthreats & anomalies

Assess the compliance of your cloud apps

Data Retention & compliance checks

Security Log Monitoring

Collecting data across your enterprise

24/7/365 SOC Support

Analyze and detect threats quickly with AI on your side

Investigate and hunt for suspicious activities

Automate common tasks & threat response

Threat Trackers/Investigations

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